Eroding Equipment LE

Remove broken-off tools fast and reliable.

KULLICK Erodiergeräte

Superior technology for removing broken tools

Broken-off taps cannot be completely avoided even with the most modern manufacturing process.
Then the hard, sticking fragment must be removed from the machined part without damaging the thread or the drilling.

With the Kullick-Eroding Equipment LE you solve this problem reliable, fast and without any special knowledge.

KULLICK Erofiergerät - Erodieren an der Bohrmaschine

Range of use

Removal of broken-off tools (taps, twist drills, centre drills, reamers) from HSS and hard metal, from Ø 2 to Ø 60 and larger.

One can erode directly at every machine tool with sleeve, with the magnetic eroding support or with special Eroding tables.

The Kullick-EEC-Control allows an easy operation without special knowledge and short eroding times.

Example: Tap M12 x 20 deep → Eroding time about 2 minutes

Abgebrochener Gewindebohrer entfernen

Mode of Operation

To erode out for example a broken-off HSS-tool you need a tubular copper-electrode with half diameter of the tool. The electrode is lowered slowly with manual feed or automatic feed.
If the electrode contacts the tool-fragment automatically single small electric arc-impulses (50/sec) are ignited at the bottom of the electrode. Because of simultaneous cooling with drilling water material is cleared away and so the core of the tool is hollowed out. The cutting edges are then loose and are easy to remove.
The thread or the drilling obtain undamaged.


The product video shows a real-time removal of a broken-off tap with the Eroding Equipment LE.
(You will be directed to YouTube)


Standard devices:
- LE 16: For thread M2 - M20, for HSS and Hard metal
- LE 30: For thread M2 - M60, for HSS and Hard metal

Eroding head, control unit and coolant pump are part of the standard equipment (scope of delivery).

Electrodes for all applications from stock available.

KULLICK Gerätewagen - mobil, geschützt und aufgeräumt
Tool Trolley
KULLICK Magnetständer - Mobiles Erodieren
Eroding Support
Complementary accessories:
- Tool Trolley
- Coolant Reservoir
- Test Lamp
- Erodinghead-Hose Extension
- Magnetic Eroding Support
- Eroding Tabels

Eroding equipment LE: Technical highlights

- Automatic control device preventing short-circuits.
- Significantly increased operating time and efficiency.
Therefore higher power with the same device size.
- Quick and simple eroding.
- Clear eroding signals to the operator.
- The devices are also applicable in CNC-machines.
- More information about Kullick-EEC-control: History

Eroding head:
- Powerful oscillating motor.
- Completely closed with solid supply hose.
Protection against dirt and coolant.

KULLICK Erodiertisch mit Gerätewagen - Erodieren stationär und mobil
Eroding table TK 600

Further Information?

Brochures Eroding equipment: German (PDF, 1,5 MB)
  English (PDF, 1,5 MB)


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The product video shows
the Eroding Equipment LE
in function.
Video Erodiergeräte LE
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